MY Services for the best senior living experience

  • Senior living placement advisor
  • 39 yrs of Registered Nurse experience
  • Expert in geriatric assessments
  • Assist with decision making
  • Senior resource specialist
  • Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)
  • FREE services to the client (I get paid by the community if you move in.)


Enjoying life together with others just like you.

Details of my services


My services

My services to you and your family are FREE.  I only get paid if you move in to a facility.

The process

  • First we will meet by phone.
  • Then we can meet in person to do an "in-person assessment" of your needs (if the Covid 19 guidelines allow that.) Otherwise we will conduct this by phone or computer.
  • Once the assessment is done we will discuss your living options .
  • When narrowed down we will tour some communities.  (During this time Covid 19 permitting many facilities have virtual tours available.)
  • I will help you with the paperwork and get resources for you for your move.
  • I will also follow up with you after you move in for at least 3months or longer depending on what your needs are to assure your new home is the right place for you and that are doing well.